Purple Garlic

This type of garlic is highly valued in the national and international market due to its high quality and intense flavour. Due to its high content of allicin, strong on the palate and nose, it is a highly valued culinary complement in today’s cuisine. The membranes or outer skins are white and the colour of the garlic clove is purple. They have regular and thick cloves, but the heads are not as big as in other varieties. It is great for marketing due to its quality and flavour.

Violet Spring Garlic

It has a spicy taste on the palate and a mild aroma that combine perfectly with seafood. Although its conservation is short, it has an easy adaptation for cultivation. Its cultivation is of low complexity and high yield per hectare, which facilitates the popularity of this variety.

White Spring Garlic

It is the most traditional and common garlic. This variety of garlic is collected in spring. It has a milder aroma and flavor than other varieties which makes it very attractive to be very commercialized worldwide. Its conservation is good and it is early and of good productivity. With a persistent aroma, its size is large and the head of white garlic usually has more teeth than that of other types, they are more fleshy and are preserved for longer. Their teeth are white and are covered by a silver-colored, shriveled wrap.